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9th December, in the multi-purpose hall G. Fornero, Corso Siracusa 213, Torino, 5.30 p.m.

Programme of the Dance Feast “Winter Lanterns” created by Filieradarte with elderly and children living in the 2nd District of Turin, involving both the Community dancers, who are attending the action education course, just started (there are also Performing Arts and Health Education students from the University of Turin), and the dancers from the standing workshop of Doriana Crema.

The work of Filieradarte Association on the area of the 2nd District began three years ago and, in spite of the irregular actions, we are going to engage in even more widespread and long-lasting relationships with elderly, children, family centre and with the amateur elderly group of Ginnasticaffè (Gymnastics and Coffee), thanks also to the partnership we had during the last years with the schools involved in the project ITER – Pagine in Dance (Pages of Dance). Community Dance methodology we propose aims to create opportunity for meaningful interaction among people of different ages, as it is even more difficult people of different ages living in the same district could meet each other, except on the public transports or in lucky family moments.

The course started last June with a Summer Feast and a welcome workshop at the Elderly Centre Giovanni XXIII. From Septembr until November we organised 5 workshops for the ederly, 3 workshops with the children of the Lilliput Centre (6-11 years old) and 4 workshops for parents and small children (3-4 years old) of the Family Centre in Via Balla. There were involved ca. 60 individuals. The feast has been realised through 5 workshops more with these groups. Who won’t be an active participant in the performance, will be present in the feast by bringing something to eat together in the final moment.

The dance feast belong to the 3-year project La Piattaforma. Nuovi corpi, nuovi sguardi nella danza contemporanea di comunità (The Platform. New bodies, new gazes in the contemporary community dance)funded by MiBACT (Cultural Heritage, Activities and Turism Ministery) and by the 2nd District of the Municipality of Turin: Elderly Project – Elderly Centre Giovanni XXIII, Family Project – Family Centre Mirafiori Nord, School and Children Project – Children Centre Lilliput Mirafiori Nord, Cooperative Society Accomazzi.