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Saving The Beauty: the performance on May 28th within the Barolo District’s courtyards

Saving The Beauty is a travelling performance achieved by 134 people, including 32 professional artists + 102 citizens. A great theatrical machine, an amazing journey: 7 stages in 7 different courtyards and gardens of the District Social Barolo in Turin. Theatre, music, dance, spectacular installations present the story of the Marquise Giulia di Barolo, and the lives of 100 people of the Barolo Social District caught between work, struggle, dreams, beauty.

On stage: 9 actors and conductors, 4 musicians (trumpet, accordion, viola, piano), 1 dancer-choreographer, 5 dancers for the community, 10 singers and musicians from the Polish company Teatr Brama.
Sets made by Stefan Tarabini and Moran Gross / Odin Teatret and Claudio Albano / SCT Centre.
Directed by: Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione.
Many thanks go to Musli-Fondazione Tancredi di Barolo and Colina and Restagno Pianos.

Among the 102 people involved:
30 women from Somalia, Nigeria, Morocco, Albania, South America, Italy;
19 children from Italy, Morocco, Venezuela;
Followed 11 adolescents in the community;
8 parents from South America;
5 adults and young people followed by psychiatric services;
10 young students and workers from various parts of Italy;
6 professional educators;
5 college students;
8 volunteers.

SAVING THE BEAUTY – travelling performance in the Opera Barolo District’s courtyards
WHEN: Saturday, May 29 | 2 replicas: 15-17 (first replica) – 18-20 (second replica)

***Reservation required***