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Spettacolo “La vita che dura”: un successo di pubblico

Of a young tree we can not say what it is like or what it will be like until we see it old, twisted in its form. And that twisted shape is the character of that tree. Thus, an old face. Character is revealed only at the end of life. Old age is the supreme manifestation of character (James Hillman)

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The show “The life that lasts”, scheduled for Saturday 25 November 2017 , sold out in less than one week. The Astra Theatre was packed: people of all ages were seated staring at 20 women lied on the ground, surrounded by a chill-out music coming from the scenery flats.  We all waited them to stand up breathlessy: 20 non professional actors, over 60, for the first time on a stage.

The show concluded the SCT™ workshop realized by the Social Community Theater Centre within the project Over 60, which focused on active ageing and on the power of memories to define anyone’s identity. A group of women used theatre to tell extracts of their life stories: some chose to fight the dominant social model and not to have children; one has changed countless jobs and has gone so far as to set up her own fashion atelier, although no one believed in her; some decided to devote themselves to the family and one decided to devote herself to colleagues, becoming a union official.

They are women who have dared in life, and if there is one thing they hate most of all, it is that adjective … “youthful”. They do not want to look like young people nor to imitate their ways of behaving and living. They want to go through old age being themselves, without hiding their fears or their uncertainty. And, in doing so, they turn out to be much freer, and turn into real points of reference for the youngests.

An old lady sitting in the armchair, the grandmother or the great-grandmother: the children approach with awe because they feel in her a rare quality of strength (James Hillman)