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Silvia Cerrone

Silvia Cerrone (1985), is graduated in Turin as a psychologist, and is specializing in clinical and community field. In 2011, she obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodiagnostics and is currently attending the four-year School of Psychotherapy C.O.I.R.A.G., with a special training on the Psychodramatic and Group analysis methods and serving as an intern at ASLTO5. She works as a consultant in the therapeutic community Il Porto, taking care of patients with Personality Disorders and addiction problems. Over the years she has worked as a coordinator and conductor in projects with groups of teenagers, children, people with disabilities and homeless ones. Since 1995 she has been training in theatre with Arcipelago Patatrac and subsequently with Opificiodellarte Prodotti Espressivi in Biella. Since 2006 she has been collaborating with Arcipelago Patatrac in projects and trainings of integrated theatre with disabled people and with the Piedmontese network of theatre and disability Trame. She is currently working with the University of Turin as a secretary with organizational tasks and assistant to Project Manager for the research project Co-Health: Theatre in Health-Care Personnel Training. Research and Innovation in training and evaluation models.