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Theatre in Emergency Contexts

Art and New Technologies

The artistic dimension is an essential component of the theatrical paths of social and community theatre. The SCT Centre has promoted the recognition of social and community theatre, in Italy and in Europe, as a good practice, and it is particularly dedicated to the innovation of theatrical language born in the experiences of TSC methodology.

In the action-research projects, designed and promoted by the Centre SCT, are particularly explored the following:

  • the community dramaturgy and the role of the director-playwright
  • the non-professional actor training
  • public involvement in artistic creation
  • the exploration of anthropological, scientific topics and current events
  • new forms and places of representation
  • organizational and distribution modalities for the new audiences
  • the integration of ICT (social media, app, teleconference, robotics, 3D printing) in the TSC methodology

The use of digital technology engages an experimental space in the artistic and community involvement field. The goal is to strengthen the processes of inclusion, sharing, participation, creation and training aimed at citizens and professionals. A real interaction between TSC methodology and digital technologies, is one of the key challenges for the development of innovative processes of cultural empowerment aimed at citizens and communities.

Intensive Training courses (Playwright’s Workshop, workshops, seminars) are achieved in collaboration with Theatre Schools, Companies, Theatre Research Centers, associations and organizations.