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SCT Centre

header-contattiThe Social and Community Theatre Centre of the University of Turin (SCT Centre | UNITO) carries out the following activities: interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral scientific research, projects of cultural innovation and social impact, training and capacity building and assessment/supervision through the SCT methodology. The SCT Centre comes from the Italian cultural and artistic heritage, which is founded on creativity, research and relationships; by means of its methodology, the Centre guides it towards the development of inclusive societies and plural communities.

The innovative and multidisciplinary methodology of SCT was developed at the University of Turin at the beginning of the year 2000 by Alessandro Pontremoli and Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione. It is based on the efficacy of theatre and performing arts in the development of the human being and of the relationships created in any condition of personal, professional and community life. It is part of a process of innovation from the point of view of society, citizenry and health promotion.

According to SCT, diversity is a resource in terms of creativity and well-being, both for individuals and communities. The SCT Centre considers the experience of the human being as a combination of physical, emotional and cognitive experiences, in a constant relationship with other people, the environment and culture. In the andragogical perspective of SCT, the activities of theatre training and the artistic process itself represent a highly educational, cultural and social experience of empowerment and integration.

The intergenerational team of the SCT Centre combines scientific, cultural, artistic and managerial expertise thanks to a wide network of collaborations with scholars, professionals and operators with a Master’s degree in SCT. The network of partners is made of national and international universities, foundations, for-profit and non-profit organisations, theatre companies and associations; it is a significant resource in terms of cultural innovation, social impact, interdisciplinary research, multilateral projects and international hubs.

What we do


Research and innovation

In-depth analysis, methodological studies and intervention studies with the scientific collaboration of professors, professionals and researchers


Scientific Consulting Services

Scientific consulting services in TSC and project supervision are addressed to government agencies, foundations, for-profit and non-profit organisations and single professionals



Academic education (Courses and Master), professional development, lifelong learning, youth training, capacity building , theatre Atelier, international SCT summer schools



Conception, planning, methodological and artistic coordination by the internal team and the network of partners. The SCT Centre directly carries out interventions at a local and international level