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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

The actions of the SCT Centre | Unito related to promotion of individual health – citizens, patients and caregivers – and community health promotion – surroundings, healthcare organizations / health facilities, schools – refer to the health as physical, mental and social wellbeing and they place emphasis on enhancing life skills, including empathy, interpersonal, communicational and decision-making skills.

The artistic and social dimension of the theatre is effective in:

  • promoting self-awareness and listening to yourself
  • strengthening an integrated dimension of the person (body, emotions, thoughts)
  • developing social capital and resilience
  • supporting the organizational wellbeing and healthy environments
  • promoting sensitive issues to the public

Narrative Theatre, role playing, physical and sensory training, development of communicational skills are part of the specific techniques used in this area through workshops, capacity building activities, performances and shows.

For many years, the team of SCT Centre | Unito, has been working with health care facilities, foundations, international governmental and non-governmental organizations in Italy, Europe, Middle East countries and Africa, on projects where our team was in charge of ideation, supervision, direction.