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Education and Capacity Building

Education and Capacity Building

The SCT Centre carries out the university training activities for professionals of the Social and Community Theatre through the Master of Social and Community Theatre (4 editions since 2003) and through continuous education courses, including Summer School, intensive seminars and international workshops.

The Social and Community Theatre is an effective methodology of training young people and adults, citizens and professionals, individuals and working groups. It is able to develop (enhance) communication skills, cooperation, team work, management of the unexpected, context and role analysis.

The SCT Centre team, together with the University of Turin and other Piedmont universities, is responsible for the basic training of students graduating in Education and Health Professions (Nursing, Medicine and Technicians of Prevention in Environments and at Workplaces). The assessment conducted since 2005, by the School of Medicine of Turin, and improved by the scientific research project Co-Health – created by the direction of the SCT Centre and supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Turin – shows that the use of TSC methodology in university education – through training, role playing, narrative theater – promotes the development of professional soft skills, decreases anxiety and increases the overall capacity of learning.

In the permanent training, in the health, educational, social and business field, the SCT Centre | Unito methodology is applied to national and international capacity building projects developed in collaboration with international agencies and companies and in projects funded by the European Union.