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Theatre, Health and Inequalities – International Conference Day: Turin, February 1, 2018

Research projects of national interest – PRIN// Per-forming the social

The goal of this International Conference Day is to compare theories, methods and intervention instruments of performing arts, with particular reference to Social Community Theatre, that could be used into inclusion practices and policies, in order to counter healthcare inequalities.

How is it possible to combine wellbeing and healthcare with culture and social innovation through theatre, dance and performing arts? Does this approach have a real inclusive and trasformative value? How could we look at and measure these methods and results for a correct analysis?

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At the Conference, 5 ECM credits were awarded for all health professions (Event Code 29046 – ECM Accreditation System – Piedmont Region).

To participate in the conference it is necessary to register by January 29, 2018 on the online ECM Piemonte platform.
For any registration problems, contact the ECM secretariat: donatella.bruno@dors.it