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Searching for elsewhere – Testimony from Crotone #IDON’TTRAVELALONE

We are all migrants anyway: we leave our home looking for somewhere else.

On the occasion of the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees celebrated today, January 14, 2018, the SCT trainers Elisa Biava and Marco Cinnirella – engaged in Crotone in the program of psycho-social intervention “I don’t travel alone” leaded by SOS Children’s Villages in partnership with SCT Centre – give us a testimony of their work with Unaccompanied Foreign Minors in the Migrant Reception Centres.

Searching for elsewhere – Testimony of Marco and Elisa

We arrived in the centre and the boys welcame us smiling: “We have not seen each other for a long time!”.
It was odd to think that just a week had passed since the last meeting.
“I have prepared something for you” said L., bringing us towards a wall embellished by his touch …

“The colors of the world, All join as one” … “Racism, Racism, Racism look at what you have done” … “Don’t cry mamma because everything gonna be Oright” … “There is no one like mum”  …
The gaze ran between the words and the pencil strokes. Suddenly, like a song of hope, we read a poem that goes like this:

Ooh Africa, Ooh mamma Africa Our mother land
Why are we Free but still in Chains
Why are we so peaceful but still fighting
Why are we independent but still depending
Why are we democratic but still being dictate
Why do we have all it takes to be the greatest but still lags behind
Why do we have so much food but still hungry
Why do we have so much lands but still need homes
Ooh one mother land Africa, we wish one day we will be free without being chain,
We wish we will be independent without depending
We wish we will be democratic without being dictate
We wish we will be the greatest and not lag behind
We wish we will have so much food without being hungry and
We wish one Land will be so useful to Us.
Africa our Mother Land, when will this suffering end!!!

Some call it “brain drain”. Others call it “children who decide to leave”. There are those who don’t leave if they do not have any certainty, and those who leave by relying only on some hopes. There are those who get on a plane, those who take the sea…We are all migrants anyway: we leave our home looking for somewhere else.