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Alberto Pagliarino

Alberto Pagliarino (1979), actor, trainer and Social and Community Theatre expert. Artistic consultant for Italian and European public and private cultural and social institutions and international cooperation projects. Trainer in team building and organizational contexts of enterprise. PhD and Adjunct Professor in Social and Community Theatre at University of Turin – Department of Humanistic Studies – and at Master of Social and Community Theatre of Turin (SCT). Designer and Artistic Director – of Fondazione CRT (Torino) – of Caravan. Artists on the Road, European project winner as first of European Cultural Program 2007 – 2013 strand 1.1. He is co-author and actor of the Theatre and Journalism project PopEconomix produced by Banca Popolare Etica, Pop Economix Association, Teatro Popolare Europeo and Il Mutamento Zona Castalia (executive producer) “http://www.popeconomix.org”. Alongside Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione, he works on dramaturgy in contemporary themes as an actor since 2006, in the context of national and international artistic projects (Switzerland, Malta, Denmark, Spain, France). Along with Eugenio Barba he was the creator and artistic director of the theatre project Lo Splendore dell’Età (2004-2012), with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio (Torino), University of Torino, Turin City Council, in collaboration with Teatro Stabile di Torino.

He has also worked with Teatro de Los Andes (Bolivia) on the show Studies for the Odyssey directed by Cesar Brie and with Marco Baliani in Nairobi (Kenya) on the project Mapenzi Tamu – AMREF Italy.