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Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione

Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione (1966), director and creator of the Social and Community Theatre Centre | University of Turin (SCT Centre | Unito), she is a community theatre expert.

Adjunct Professor first in Milan and Brescia, since 2004 at University of Turin, she is creator, director and project manager of applied research projects, cultural and social projects on performing arts, wellbeing and inclusive societies. She has also worked as dramatist in Narrative Theatre and in Italian Contemporary Theatre. In 2004 she founded Teatro Popolare Europeo -artistic partner of University of Turin – and directed more than 20 professional artistic performances and several community theatre projects in rural and urban areas, hospital and health facilities, gender groups, disabilities groups, etc. Consultant and supervisor of national and international programs about plural communities, human rights and gender issue, audience development and cultural memory, mental health and wellbeing; she is a trainer on capacity building and team building for national and international public and private institutions.