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Fabrizio Stasia

Fabrizio Stasia (1981), is a professional educator, trainer and actor, graduated from Turin University course of high education for Social and Community Theatre Operators. He deals with SCT methodology projects either for specific groups, or designed to community development processes, in collaboration with public or private organizations. In 2014, in partnership with Banca Etica, he was an actor for the Pop Economix Live Show project, theatrical conference on the origins of the global economic crisis. In 2013 he was consultant for IOM (International Organization for Migration) psychosocial project in Tripoli and Misurata (Libya). In 2012 he was SCT methodology operator and actor for Project Caravan: Artists on the Road, EuropeanCommunity Theatre project. Since 2010, for the social cooperative Canale Scuola, he has dealt with SCT methodology projects for students with Learning Disabilities.

In 2009, for Volontarius Onlus, he was co-founder of Altofragile Teatro, nationwide SCT methodology collective dealing with SCT projects and social theatrical performances.