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Maurizio Bertolini

Maurizio Bertolini (1979), expert of social theatre, creative mathematician, ICT expert. Has a Master Degree in Social and Community Theatre at the University of Turin, in 2006. He started cooperating with the University of Turin in 2009, tutoring prospective professional educators and students from the “Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques” degree course; he started working at Co-Health project in 2014. As social theatre operator and tutor he has been working in the Italian education/health sector with tutors, CNAs, elderly people. He has worked for IOM in Libya, within “Psychosocial assistance for crisis affected children, young people and their families” project, and in Ethiopia for CIFA Onlus on gender rights. He designes and implements Italian and European projects dealing with Social Theatre.

He has invented MATHEMART, a math teaching method through theatre workshops, which has been tested both nationally and internationally during the Grundtvig workshop. “Matheater, performing and playing in adult mathematical literacy”.

He has worked as popular science educator within the Diderot project at Fondazione CRT – Torino.

He has been working with Fabula Rasa theatre company since 2004 as tutor (with disabled people and students from all levels), actor, planner, expert of interaction between ICT and disability.